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Many moving pieces are needed to develop a community and school like UWC Costa Rica. In our effort to provide the best quality of education possible to students while ensuring alignment with the college’s principles and values, UWC Costa Rica is now undergoing its second Strategic Planning Process.

While this process was initially scheduled to begin in early 2020, the pandemic halted the schedule, and operationally speaking, the focus of the college’s leadership became another. Therefore, the college leadership’s responsibility now is to respond and adapt to these changes accordingly.


Action Lines

This process is a collective effort that includes: students, educators, members of the Board of Trustees, and Alumni– and we are getting close to its official launch. There are still months of work ahead of us, defining milestones and objectives, communicating our drafts to the internal community, and getting them approved and ready for launch. For now, we're excited to show you the recently approved Strategic Lines for the next five years in UWC Costa Rica


List of 5 items.

  • 1. Integrated and efficient systems

  • 2. Culture of Sustainability

  • 3. Growing our Education Model

  • 4. Life-Balance

  • 5. Alignment of the financial model

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United World College Costa Rica is a non-profit foundation offering a two-year residential pre-university program focused on experiential learning. Our mission is to educate a diverse group of people to become happy, healthy and committed individuals, capable through their leadership and engagement, of fostering positive change in their communities in order to contribute to achieving a more sustainable and peaceful world.