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Governance Structure of UWC Costa Rica

The governance structure of UWC Costa Rica includes two main bodies:
  1. The Executive Board
  2. The Board of Trustees
In addition, the College works with Advisors who periodically lend the College their skills, talents, and networks. 


Advisors have a significant interest in the future of UWC Costa Rica and provide the College with additional resources through their particular skills and networks.

The role of an Advisor is intended for those who wish to be associated with the College to help it accomplish its mission, but who prefer not to assume the more extensive involvement the school asks of its Board Members.

They are committed to advising the College and lending their experience when requested by the Executive Board, the Board of Trustees, or the Administration. Advisors are also asked to contribute to the financial well-being of the College.


Candidates for the Board and the role of Advisor are proposed to the Governance Committee of the Board, which then qualifies and reviews the candidates and recommends their election or appointment.