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September 9 marks the official start of a year that will honor our story, celebrate the present, and get us all excited about the future of UWC Costa Rica. Over the past 15 years, we have grown immensely, and this is just the beginning.

We face increasingly serious global issues which challenge everyone to learn, teach, and discover ways to become effective change makers–active global citizens– wherever one’s heart and talents lead. Our host country is a strong partner in our values at UWC Costa Rica. They have a unique history as regional peacemakers who place education, quality of life, and the environment at the top of their national agenda. Costa Rica’s respected global solid leadership and tangible actions to tackle the serious impact of climate change here at home offer us a living classroom and active roles to play.

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Honor: The long-term impact of UWC Costa Rica lives in our 1,182 alumni, former educators, and the thousands of people they inspire. From proud and inspiring heads of households who are raising the next generation of mindful and empathetic individuals to educators, artists, human rights advocates, engineers, environmentalists, and medical professionals (and many more in between), UWC Costa Rica alumni meet at the intersection of empathy, compassion and an intrinsic desire to make a positive impact in their immediate environments. We honor that we are part of a global community of 18 schools and colleges, hundreds of educators, and over 60,000 alumni globally.

Celebrate: We celebrate the 194 students —82% of whom receive scholarship support— and the 80+ educators who are truly resilient and global citizens challenged to step out of their comfort zones to build community. We celebrate the uniqueness of our educational programs that enable positive action as we proudly stand as the only UWC in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Get excited: During this year, we will develop a new Strategic Plan. In addition, we will launch the new innovative Sustainability Framework that will guide us to the exciting transition to the new UWC Costa Rica campus. We are committed to scale our impact and share our transformative educational model with hundreds of students and educators in Costa Rica, Latin America, and the world.