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The following framework establishes sustainability in its broadest most holistic sense, as a mindset and ethical guideline for balance and wellbeing, embracing the concept of reciprocity.

Putting sustainability and reciprocity into practice requires re- shifting our perspectives and the very basis on which our cultures are built, towards a deep socio-cultural transformation.
Aligned with the UWC Costa Rica’s mission, the Sustainability Framework pretends to provide a framework for the future campus, along with a set of proposals and recommendations for implementing measures and transitioning and building its infrastructure.

The design of this sustainability framework applies processes of research, listening, participation and collaboration and is fueled by the question: How to create a culture of sustainability for the UWC Costa Rica?


Sustainability Principles

This framework proposes guiding principles needed for a culture of sustainability, understanding this as reciprocal and regenerative action. These Sustainability Principles (SPs), aim to encompass all actions needed for the transition towards a school exemplary in its sustainability and inherent values.

Action Lines

Having established the Sustainability Principles (SPs) as a general framework, our big challenge now is to put them into practice (individually and collectively) towards the paradigm shift needed for a sustainable future.

Below are the action lines proposed as strategies for guiding and organizing the different activities for each action area in order to achieve greater integration, coordination, and continuity of efforts to fulfill UWC Costa Rica’s mission of being a sustainability-oriented school.


1. Nature-based education

2. Strategy & governance

3. We are how we consume

4. Architecture, infrastructure and landscape

5. Partnerships and community engagement

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United World College Costa Rica is a non-profit foundation offering a two-year residential pre-university program focused on experiential learning. Our mission is to educate a diverse group of people to become happy, healthy and committed individuals, capable through their leadership and engagement, of fostering positive change in their communities in order to contribute to achieving a more sustainable and peaceful world.