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What Does an Ideal Candidate Look Like?

We are among the best boarding schools in the world. We maintain this by carefully selecting students who thrive in an international environment, and are well-suited to the challenge of a rigorous curriculum and an experiential learning environment. We’re therefore looking for applicants who bring the following:

Intellectual curiosity and motivation: a genuine urge to learn about the world around oneself, the ability to recognize the details and grasp the breadth of issues (for example global and local concerns) involved in any given topic, with the desire to analyze them thoroughly.

Active commitment: the ability to develop and readiness to reflect, question, and confront one’s own values, to measure one’s behavior within family and community against one’s values, and to act on one’s own beliefs accordingly and responsibly.

Social competence:
the ability and readiness to make contact with other people, to interact respectfully with them, to work together with them in a team, and to achieve solutions; the ability to express oneself adequately in different situations and to different people.

Resilience, personal responsibility, and integrity:
the ability to look after oneself physically and emotionally during the challenging and transformative experience that a UWC offers; the personal motivation to adhere to UWC’s common moral and ethical principles, a sense of humility, and an ability to listen and value another person’s opinion and experiences

The motivation for UWC: passion, ability, and serious incentive to contribute to and actively promote UWC’s values.

Environmental sensitivity: awareness of our effects on our spaces and ecosystems. A sense of shared responsibility for the environment and our capacity for achieving personal and collective wellbeing through its protection, sustainable management and regenerative actions.

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Selected Students are Expected to:

  • Meet all academic and co-curricular responsibilities, including completing the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, as well as other activities that promote the Institution’s philosophy and mission.
  • Learn to communicate in both English and Spanish.
  • Develop an appreciation for and a deeper understanding of all forms of diversity and cultural differences by interacting with their peers.
  • Abide by UWC Costa Rica's policies and regulations.