Impact Stories

At UWC Costa Rica, we feel proud of all our alumni and the millions of ways they use what they learned as students on our campus to make a positive impact in the world: from the most glamorous initiatives and prestigious positions to the smallest acts of kindness in their daily lives!

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UWC Stories

Let our alumni tell you their own stories before, during and after UWC Costa Rica to highlight the diverse experiences and paths that make up our community. Created in conjunction with Andrés Bronnimann '13.

“Durante todo mi tiempo en la iniciativa privada hice cabildeo porque hiciéramos trabajo pro bono. Lo cual en México es de vital importancia. La educación que tuvimos, las experiencias que tuvimos, y las oportunidades sí nos obligan y nos hacen responsables de tener un impacto en el mundo.”
“Costa Rica, and even my career experiences and my overall travel experiences, I can always bet on myself to figure it out because it is only me and this is the life I see for myself and that everything that you want you can get it.”

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  • Anna Bognadok ‘17 from Ukraine

    Giving Back: Leading National Committees
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  • Azucena López ‘15 from Costa Rica

    Retribution: Back on Campus
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  • Bibi Aseeya Mohamed ‘18 from Guyana

    Giving Back: Alumni Supporting Orientation
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  • Liza Gashi ‘09 from Kosovo

    UWC Costa Rica Alumni named new Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of Kosovo
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  • Sena Voncujovi ‘13 and Pele Voncujovi from Ghana and Japan

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  • Tara Hermez ‘09 from Lebannon

    In Support of Refugees
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  • Victoria Marambio ‘10 from Chile

    Transforming Education in Chile
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