Visiting Campus

COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, and our responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing and health of the students, educators, and families who live on our campus, the UWC Costa Rica Santa Ana campus is closed to non-essential visitors at the moment including our alumni visitors. For more information, please email us at 

Visiting Campus before COVID-19

Given that UWC Costa Rica is an active boarding school and in line with our Safeguarding Policy all campus visitors must be screened and/or accompanied by a staff member throughout their visit.  Make sure that you coordinate your visit with our Alumni Coordinator through the email at least 2 weeks before so that we can offer you the best visitor experience possible!

We highly encourage all our alumni visitors to take advantage of your visit to UWC Costa Rica to give back your time and talent to our community.  For example, you could help with specific projects or campus services, be a guest speaker, host a workshop for staff or students, and more!  Just express your interest in giving back on your email to the Alumni Coordinator.

To best steward our alumni visits, we have differentiated them into 5 categories:

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  • Alumni Day Visits

    These are the campus visits by UWC Costa Rica graduates (2+ years as alumni) who wish to visit our school for a few hours or at most a couple of days to reminisce, visit with staff members, interact with students in a mentoring role, and catch-up with what has happened at the College since their graduation.

    You are welcome to bring friends and family members with you to visit our campus.  Just let the Alumni Coordinator know so that we can plan a special campus tour experience for you.

    Read more about the benefits afforded to UWC Costa Rica visiting alumni and how to best plan your visit here.
  • Alumni Volunteer Visits

    These are visits whose main purpose is to volunteer your time and talent to UWC Costa Rica with a minimum time commitment of 1 month.  

    These visits must be coordinated through our Human Resources Coordinator at at least 3 months ahead of time. In your email, please include a letter of interest and a digital copy of your resume, including 3 references.

    Due to our Safeguarding Policy, third-years and people under 25 years of age will not be accepted as volunteers at UWC Costa Rica during the academic year (August-May).

    Read more about the benefits afforded to UWC Costa Rica volunteers and the full application process here.
  • Other UWC Alumni Visits

    All UWC alumni are welcome to visit UWC Costa Rica if you ever find yourself in our beautiful country!  We are just 30 minutes away from downtown San Jose.

    It is very important that you coordinate your visit with our Alumni Coordinator at least 2 weeks before to make sure that we can coordinate a special campus tour experience for you and your guests.  Unexpected visitors may be denied access to campus pending staff availability to both approve their visit and welcome them as per our Safeguarding Policy.

    Read more about what you can expect during your visit to UWC Costa Rica here.
  • Overnight Visits

    UWC Costa Rica cannot provide overnight lodging for our visitors.  The limited on-campus lodging spaces available are for the exclusive use of our campus volunteers.

    However, Santa Ana and the surrounding areas offer many hotels, hostels, and other lodging opportunities near campus.  A quick Google search or your favorite booking site will give you many options to go from.

    Here are some options to get you started:
    * These hotels offer a preferential rate for UWC Costa Rica.
  • Third Year Visits

    Third Year visitors are alumni from UWC Costa Rica’s most recent graduating class who come back to visit campus and reconnect with their peers and UWC Costa Rica experience.

    UWC Costa Rica has a special Visitor Policy for our Third Years in order to provide you with greater support as you navigate the transition from being a student on campus to becoming a visiting alum.  Click here to read the full policy.

    Third Years are limited to 1 visit during their first year as alumni.  Third Year visits will not be approved during the following times:
    • Semester 1 & 3 Final Exams (usually 2 weeks in November)
    • Mock Exams (usually the first 2 weeks of March)
    • IB Exams (end of April and all the month of May until graduation weekend)
    Alumni visiting campus for 2 days or longer will be asked to invest at least 1 hour of your visit per day to give back to campus -the alumni coordinator will guide you on how!
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