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Bibi Aseeya Mohamed ‘18 from Guyana

Giving Back: Alumni Supporting Orientation
I was brought back to UWC Costa Rica “virtually” this summer as I helped with planning and facilitating some of the bonding activities for orientation. I had a lot of fun working with Nat, seeing the faculty and staff I miss, and, more importantly, interacting with the students. It was a challenge to myself and the Bonding Team in coming up with activities that brought people together virtually –but we did it!

Memories of my time as a student came floating in, especially during the Inter-Residence tournament. I showed up on Zoom with my El Coco t-shirt and fondly remembered that’s how we identified our residence mates in the past and wondered how weird it must be for students this year. It is true that your UWC Costa Rica ties never really go away –I silently kept hoping for El Coco to get more points to win (LOL) because I still felt connected to them.

In the end, I am really happy and thankful that Nat got me involved with the planning of orientation. I had a lot of fun, butterflies in my stomach moments, and the chance to “return” to UWC Costa Rica.

As for life updates –I am currently a Junior at Earlham College (Class of 2022) in Richmond, Indiana, and I am majoring in Geology!

- By Bibi Aseeya Mohamed '18
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