A New Mission for UWC Costa Rica 

Written by: UWC Costa Rica
We want to share with you the news of the launch of our new UWC Costa Rica mission:

"To cultivate in young people the passion and ability to serve humanity and our planet– learning from nature and from each other for a lifetime."

This milestone marks an inspiring chapter in our journey and reflects our continued commitment to educational excellence and positive impact on the world.

The collaborative process that began over a year ago has included stakeholders from all corners of our community, including students, staff, board members, and alumni, who met in person and online to further this process and get us to today. Re-writing a new mission for a College like ours that is undergoing such an exciting transformation takes work. 

Why a New mission?

Our community has grown, our planet expresses new and urgent needs, and our collective call to action must be turned to education and our youth. Our mission is sustained by three principles, each guided by the core values that define us as a UWC Costa Rica community.

Our Principles 

This is who we are and how we express our identity. 

LEARNING from Nature:
  • From Costa Rica, a country committed to protecting, regenerating, and restoring nature, we have forged valuable learning opportunities in collaboration with institutions, programs, projects, and policies dedicated to environmental sustainability. This approach allows us to learn from nature and contribute actively to its preservation and regeneration.
  • From Latin America, we are committed to maintaining educational curricula that are contextualized and aware of this region's cultural diversity. Our commitment is to educate global citizens with a deep understanding and appreciation for their environment.

LEARNING from Each Other:
  • We encourage emotional and intellectual development as a healthy practice, being aware of the context and promoting empathy. We seek innovative and creative solutions to expand our positive impact, exploring new technologies that challenge educational and learning communities to conceive new realities. From the individual to the collective, we advocate for sustained action through systemic change.

LEARNING for a Lifetime:
  • We promote the formation of lifelong learners and global collaborators, supporting and uniting our alumns community in its ongoing commitment to create positive change at personal, local, national, and international levels. We encourage them to thrive with purpose and constant development.

Our Values

In addition, we reaffirm our core values that guide our daily actions. These values are inspired by the UWC Core Values:

  • We foster genuine concern for others based on shared experiences and cooperative, collaborative living. We seek diversity of voices, perspectives, realities, and inclusion, promoting empathy within our diversity framework.
  • We create relationships of mutual correspondence, ensuring their sustainability over time. We are committed to maintaining equitable relationships with our environment and diverse ecosystems.
  • We lead by example and are accountable to ourselves and others in service of our commitments and as part of a united community.
As we move into this new chapter, we invite you, as a valued community member, to reflect on this new mission, principles, and values and how you can be inspired to take positive actions to support humanity and the planet. This new mission is a recommitment for UWC Costa Rica to continue standing out as a leader of educational excellence and commitment to the positive transformation of the world.

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Our mission: To cultivate in young people the passion and ability to serve humanity and our planet—learning from nature and from each other for a lifetime.

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