Working Cooperatively and in Partnership with the Community.

A sustainable future intrinsically implies working in collaboration with others. The quality of our partnerships, collaborative work methodologies, and relationships with different communities will determine the type of impact we will have. UWC Costa Rica enjoys being an educational institution comprising a global movement, so its networks are extensive, diverse, and rich in knowledge. This maximizes its scope and potential for bringing about regenerative change locally, regionally, and ecosystemically.

Creating Meaningful Impact: Grieg Foundation

Since 2019, The Grieg Foundation has sponsored a grant to support nine full scholarships at UWC Costa Rica for students who overcame challenging circumstances with courage, academic excellence, and commitment. The nine annual Grieg Foundation Scholars come mainly from Latin American countries and are attributed with leadership, resiliency, and strong potential as agents of change.
The Grieg Foundation, established in 2002, was created to contribute funds to support children and youth worldwide in health, research, and education. UWC Costa Rica has been a beneficiary of their substantial generosity in the form of full scholarships and donations that allowed for the founding of UWC Costa Rica in 2006.