Un entrenamiento urbano y al aire libre para ser el cambio.

5 días llenos de emoción, desafíos y crecimiento en Santa Ana. Un campamento de verano enfocado en jóvenes de 13 a 16 años.

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  • Fechas | 1 - 5 Julio | 8:00 am a 4:00 pm
  • Público | Jóvenes de 13 a 16 años
  • Lugar | UWC Costa Rica | Campus Santa Ana
  • Costo de inscripción | $350

Becoming a Hub of Educational Innovation and Social Transformation

Outreach and Innovation allow UWC Costa Rica to expand its experiential learning model to local and international markets by providing different opportunities to organizations, schools, colleges, and volunteering groups around the globe.

It allows us to scale our impact by promoting positive change in sustainability, social justice, and peace, challenging the global educational and learning communities to conceive new realities. It increases the visibility of the UWC Costa Rica mission, facilitates access to educational experiences for more youth in Costa Rica and other countries, and leverages financial stability for our College.

We offer a series of workshops, rental services, and tailor-made experiences depending on your needs. Contact us if your organization is interested in experiencing an innovative educational model in Costa Rica!

Campus Rentals

Our rental model is a flexible and easy-access program for educational or volunteering groups from around the world who seek a one-step facility system.

With two nature-filled campuses in the Costa Rican Metropolitan Area and services available all year around, we will make sure all of your needs will be met, whether you are looking to host a small workshop in the mountains of San Isidro or a week-long volunteer trip for hundreds of guests.

Additional services include workshops, food service, transportation, community service, and rural tourism.

Santa Ana

5 Hectares | Dry Forest

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  • June, July, and August

    Residences | 205 guests

    The campus has eight residences with a capacity of 24 guests per building. Each residence gives access to eight bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common area, and a fully equipped kitchen.

    Classrooms | 25 guests per classroom

    14 classrooms 538 ft2 (50 m2).

  • Year Round

    Social Center | 125 guests

    1,722 ft2 (160 m2). Private bathrooms with showers and access to outdoor sports area.

    Library / Meeting Hall | 150 guests

    2,195 ft2 (200 m2). Access to wireless internet, projector, and AC. 

    Sports Fields

    A basketball court and a 33,000 ft2 (3,000 m2) soccer field. Access to private bathrooms with showers.

    Amphitheater | 300 guests

    807 ft2 (75 m2) with access to a stage,  sound system, wireless microphones, and a 75’’ screen. Large tents are available.

San Isidro

48 Hectares | Cloud Forest

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  • About our San Isidro Campus

    The San Isidro property is a learning space created to ignite learning everywhere and empower young people, educators, and organizations to become positive agents of change in their communities.
  • Year Round

    Casona | 22 overnight guests

    Access to 7 different and flexible spaces fully equipped and ready to work. Whether you need a desk for the day or a conference room for your meeting or team retreats, you can book the spaces for half or full day. We've got you covered!
    • 3.7 mi (6 km) of beautiful trails in the woods for exploring and learning deep down the Costa Rican forest.
    • A fully equipped kitchen and food service for up to 70 guests per meal.


We provide a wide range of workshops for youth, educators, and professionals, customizable to the group’s needs and opportunities. We can bring these workshops to you or accommodate the event in either of our available spaces. All courses are offered as flash courses (2 days) and extended versions (10 to 14 days).

Our programs are focused on three main areas: Social-Emotional Skills, Sustainability, and Social Entrepreneurship as Agents of Change.

Social Emotional Skills

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  • Communication & Emotional Skills

    This module will create a space to explore the development of abilities and knowledge of communication-related to social science, with particular attention paid to the capabilities a leader for peace should possess.
  • Conflict Transformation

    This course focuses on both the awareness of our daily language choices and the management of our emotions as tools for conflict transformation.

    Let's be proactive with our words!
  • Intercultural Communication

    As part of this workshop module, participants will learn about cross-cultural communication styles and how they differ from those practiced in Costa Rican culture; practice strategies for adaptation to different communication styles; identify aspects of non-verbal communication that affect interactions between those of differing cultures; simulate scenarios in which there is intercultural exchange.

Sustainability Experiences

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  • Day Program

    This day program is perfect for High School field trips or one-day Corporate Events. Over the day, we will focus on three of the most pressing issues in Costa Rica: the rapid loss of biodiversity, the switch to a more sustainable food system, and the management of energy and water resources. Participants are expected to have a strong interest in environmental studies and be comfortable working outdoors.
  • Immersive Residency

    The 360° Sustainability Experience Immersive Residency is a bilingual program in UWC Costa Rica Campuses (Santa And and San Isidro). By the end of this program, participants will:

    • Be immersed in a sensory experience that makes tangible the interconnectedness of the human reality with the wilderness.
    • Reflect on your relationship with nature.
    • Awake your sense of stewardship for the natural world to become an ambassador of sustainability.
  • Sustainability & Interconnection

    This project will work with key sustainability concepts as promoted by the UWC Costa Rica. We will generate actions inspired by the Sustainability Principles.

Social Entrepreneurship

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  • Agents of Change

    This course redefines leadership, enabling participants to see themselves as transformative leaders. Socially aware of the issues surrounding them, capable of using their abilities and skills to contribute to a better future.

    Let's develop leaders for positive change!
  • Entrepreneurship in Costa Rica

    In this Experiential Learning Workshop, we will visit successful small business owners who share their best practices for making a difference and positively impacting communities and Costa Rican families.

    This 10-day course will travel around Costa Rica while learning how we can impact our communities.
  • Innovation and Social Change

    Are you interested in becoming a leader while doing something meaningful to you and society?

    Social entrepreneurship is about more than just business and service projects; it is about finding a way to contribute positively while doing something you are passionate about!

    This 14-day course will feature instruction from experts on significant social issues and allow participants to acquire skills to build an effective social enterprise. Learn how to make a positive impact while experiencing first-hand successful initiatives for change - all while enjoying Costa Rica!
From the northeast corner of the Catholic Church, 400 meters north.
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