The Menstruation Project, Bringing Sustainable Menstruation Products to the Community

Written by: Sofía Quirós
What initially began as a mere idea within the Agents of Change Camp has blossomed into a tangible reality, thanks to the dedication and vision of student Stella ’23 from the Netherlands. Together with the Co-Curricular and sustainability Areas, the project known as The Menstruation Project is making waves by offering sustainable menstrual products to our menstruating students.

Empowerment, Accessibility, and Sustainability

The Menstruation Project’s impact extends beyond just providing sustainable products. It has ignited essential conversations about body empowerment, accessibility, and the environmental consequences of traditional menstrual products. Collaborating with our friends from Ciclica, the project has introduced students to eco-friendly alternatives like menstrual cups and reusable pads. These educational sessions empower our menstruating students to make informed choices that suit their individual needs.

Aligning with our Sustainability Principles

The Menstruation Project’s seamless alignment with our Sustainability Framework makes it even more remarkable. It represents our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. By promoting initiatives that resonate with these principles, we’re not only making sustainable products accessible to all members of our menstruating community but also fostering a campus culture that values sustainability at its core. Projects like The Menstruation Project exemplify the incredible potential of the Agents of Change Initiative. They turn dreams into actions and ideas into tangible results. To discover more about this transformative program and learn how you can contribute to initiatives like The Menstruation Project, visit

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